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Hey guys! Ethan here, welcome to my blog! I’m a personal trainer and fitness instructor. I created this blog to keep my clients motivated, but anyone can join in on the fun! I use this blog to post new and exciting exercises, fitness tips, recipes, diet tips, and general information on health and fitness. I hope to eventually create an interactive food and exercise journal, but that may take me a while!

My dream is to one day open my own heath and fitness center that would include a traditional gym, crossfit box, a lap pool, a nutrition consultation office, and health focused café. I’m still young, so for now I am working as a personal trainer as I complete my kinesiology degree. I am constantly working towards my dream while inspiring others to get into the best shape of their lives. Basically, I’ve got the best job in the world.

I love helping other people reach their goals which is why I created this health blog. I hope to keep you guys updated on popular supplements, new diets that I find effective / interesting, and I’ll even try to teach how to love exercise. Believe me, it is possible. I have seen plenty of clients go from absolutely despising exercising to being completely addicted to the gym.

My goal is to inspire you to lead a healthier lifestyle. You don’t have to become a total fitness freak, like myself, in order to be healthy. You simply have to make small changes that lead to greater health and happiness. This could be riding your bike to work, picking up swimming again, walking to lunch, taking a yoga class, walking your dog on the beach, going to farmer’s markets instead of the supermarket… I could go on forever, but I don’t have to because you’ve already found my blog.

This is my first post, but I hope to update the blog a couple of times per week. I encourage you to browse my site. I hope you enjoy my health and fitness tips, and I hope you subscribe to my feed! Stay up to date with my posts for the latest news in health, fitness, and general well being. Have a great day!

Three Supplements You Should Add to Your Daily Routine


Walking down the supplement aisle of your local health food store is enough to make any head spin at all the choices available. While some TV personalities may make it seem like you need an arsenal of supplements, in reality just a few supplements a day can give you everything you need.


  1. Multivitamin- Taking a host of different vitamin supplements is unneeded and will ultimately give your body far more vitamins than can be absorbed. However, even the healthiest diets likely have a few nutritional gaps. A multivitamin is a good way to fill in these gaps. Avoid multivitamins with mega doses and artificial fillers and opt for one with high quality ingredients in moderate amounts.


  1. Rhodiola Rosea- What makes this supplement a good choice is its adaptogenic characteristics. The adaptogenic nature of the supplement makes it able to meet multiple needs in the body, without altering biological function. Rhodiola Rosea adapts to help the body fight off physical and chemical stressors, protects cells, and provides energy. People with a particular health conditions may benefit from taking an additional supplement to meet their specific needs, but for most people Rhodiola Rosea will make a great choice for a supplement to benefit overall health and well-being.



  1. Omega 3 Fatty Acid- Fatty acids help with both brain function and heart health. Omega 3 is considered an essential fatty acid, meaning that the body cannot make it on its own so it must be obtained from external sources.  While our diets typically provide more than enough of essential omega 6 fatty acids, it is difficult to get proper amounts of omega 3s. An omega 3 supplement can help assure you are getting enough of this supplement.



Does Everyone Need Vitamins?


I often get asked “When should I take vitamins?” and also “Does everyone need vitamins?” It seems to me that a lot of people are confused as to whether or not they need vitamin and mineral supplementation. Well, the exact answer to that question is going to vary from person to person, but in my opinion, EVERYONE needs vitamins.

Our diets are not as healthy as the diets that our grandparents ate. We have replaced healthy, homemade foods with unhealthy, processed foods. Our soil is depleted. We load up on carbohydrates and scrape the veggies off of our plates. Let’s face it, even if you eat a healthy diet, our soil is depleted and food is not as nutrient dense as it used to be. Therefore, everyone needs supplements.

The types of supplements your body needs will vary from person to person. Depending on your diet, it is likely that you are deficient in a variety of important nutrients, as most Americans are. The easiest way to find out what nutrients your body is deficient in is to visit your health care professional. A doctor or holistic health care professional can run a series of tests to determine exactly which nutrients your body needs.

Many people turn to store bought, synthetic supplements once they have determined which nutrients their body needs. This is NOT the most effective way to correct a nutrient deficiency. The safer and more effective way to supplement your body is with traditionally created superfood supplements. Say you are deficient in vitamin A or vitamin D, you may wish to consider a high quality fermented cod liver oil. If you are deficient in iron or B vitamins, you may want to find a high quality desiccated liver supplement. Naturally occurring nutrients are safer and more effective for everyone.

How Supermodels Use Coconut Oil for Weight Loss


Did you know that supermodel Miranda Kerr eats nearly 500 calories worth of coconut oil per day? The Victoria’s Secret model best known for her perfect figure and luscious locks swears by coconut oil as her weight loss and beauty secret. Miranda Kerr eats 4 tbsp. of coconut oil per day, usually poured over salad or melted into green tea. The supermodel claims that she has followed this diet ritual since she was 14 years old and it is the key to maintaining her perfect figure as well as her gorgeous hair and skin.

Coconut oil is a great way to monitor your waist line. Contrary to what many people believe, coconut oil is a healthy source of fat that boosts your metabolism, keeps you feeling full, and works to flatten your stomach. Coconut oil contains medium chain fatty acids, rather than long chain, and thus they are used for energy instead of being stored as fat. Many people who eat coconut oil 20-30 minutes before meals find that they eat less and stay feeling full for longer periods of time.

How much coconut oil you need to lose weight will depend on your starting weight. If you weigh 90-130 lbs, it is best to take 1 tbsp. of coconut oil before each meal. If you are 130-180 lbs, you should take 1.5 tbsp. of coconut oil before each meal. If you are over 180 lbs, it is best to take 2 tbsp. of coconut oil before each meal. Consuming coconut oil before meals will help boost your metabolism, burn the calories you are eating, and prevent overeating. The easiest way to take coconut oil is to follow Miranda Kerr’s advice and add the healthy oil to a hot beverage- YUM! Learn more about coconut oil for weight loss.

Using Protein Shakes to Fill in Gaps in the Vegetarian Diet

Minolta DSCFollowing a vegetarian diet offers people multiple health benefits, if followed correctly. According to an article published by Brown University, vegetarians are at a decreased risk of heart disease, certain cancers, diabetes, and several other health conditions compared to their meat-eating counterparts.

As great as the benefits of a vegetarian diet can be, there can also be risks associated a vegetarian diet. One such risk is relying too heavily on processed foods. Potato chips, sugary cereals, and many other junk foods are all easy to eat and technically vegetarian options. However, a diet filled with these foods is depleted of nutrients and full of additives with the potential to do great harm to one’s health. But, choosing healthy whole vegetarian foods with zero to minimal processing can eliminate this risk.

In addition to knowing what foods to leave out of a balanced vegetarian diet, it is also important to know what foods to include in a vegetarian diet. Because removing meat from the diet removes a common protein source, vegetarians must take care to consume adequate protein levels for muscle building, energy levels, healthy cells, and overall well being.

An easy and nutritious way to combat low protein levels in a vegetarian diet is with the use of protein shakes. Vegetarians should look for a protein powder that contains quality sources of protein such as brown rice, hemp, or mushrooms. A blend of two or more of these protein sources offers even greater benefits by combining the nutritional advantages of each different source.

Besides being a good source of quality protein, protein shakes make it easy to increase protein content. Vegetarians struggling to get sufficient protein in their diets can simply make a shake for breakfast or for an afternoon energy booster.

People interested in a vegetarian diet should in no way be deterred by these potential risks of a vegetarian diet. Rather, people should take an informed approach to their health and be active about making wise choices on what they include in their diets.


Some Thoughts On the Confusing World of Nutritional Supplements


With so many different nutritional supplements available on the market it can be difficult for the average person to decipher what he or she needs and what can be skipped. Nutritional needs vary from person to person, but a few basic guidelines can help most people navigate through the supplement aisle with ease and expertise.


For many people, a basic multivitamin helps fill in gaps in even the best of diets. Users should look for a choice with moderate amounts of vitamins and minerals, as opposed to mega vitamins with amounts far greater than the recommended daily allowance (RDA). For optimal absorption, cut the vitamin in half and take it at two different times during the day with meals to aid in fat-soluble vitamins being absorbed.

Fish Oil

The omega 3s found in fish oil supplements provides support for both brain and heart health. Because it is difficult to get sufficient amounts of this key fatty acid, supplements can play an important role in assuring adequate intake. Many experts adviser people to use omega 3 supplements that do not contain omega 6 fatty acids since most people get more than enough omega 6 fatty acids without any supplementation.

Vitamin D

More and more research over the last few years indicated Vitamin D is one of the most important nutrients and that most people simply do not get enough. This is especially true in the winter months when naturally people spend less time outdoors. So, increasingly experts are recommending Vitamin D supplements

Something Extra

Evidence that coffee consumption is healthy is piling up from research all over the world. The possible health benefits from coffee drinking are staggering. Some of these possible benefits are theorized to be linked to an antioxidant called chlorogenic acid, which is contained in coffee beans. The best source of concentrated chlorogenic acid is from the extract of the raw green coffee bean. Nutritional supplements from raw coffee beans are now widely available and the subject of ongoing research.


The Easier Way to Make Green Smoothies

I hate to admit this, but I almost never have fresh greens in my house. What do I mean by greens? I’m talking about the leafy green vegetables -kale, spinach, collards, lettuce- that none of us are eating enough of. I don’t ever have them in my house because it seems like whenever I buy plenty of greens, some of them end up going bad, so I usually just buy a little at a time. When I do buy them, I eat them right away to avoid spoilage.

Almost every morning, and after every workout, I make a protein shake with almond milk, fresh fruit, vegan protein powder, and ice. I always want to make my protein shakes into green smoothies by adding a handful of nutrient dense greens, but I rarely have them on hand.


I needed to find a solution to my dilemma because I knew I wasn’t eating enough greens and actually love green smoothies. I started buying organic green powders and it has done the trick! I add organic kale powder, organic chlorella powder, and organic spirulina powder to every smoothie / protein shake that I make. They taste great, they are simple to use, and they have a shelf life of over two years! That’s the best part for me; organic green powders require zero refrigeration and they last forever! No more worrying about keeping fresh greens in the house!

If you’d like to try adding green powders to your protein shakes to make them more nutrient dense, you can buy organic greens powders online, just make sure that you are buying a pure and USDA certified organic product from a reputable company

My Favorite Weight Lifting Supplement


I bet you read the title and thought “This is going to be another bro-ed out article about pre-workout and protein powder.” But you are wrong! My favorite body building supplement isn’t produced in lab. It isn’t chock full of questionably legal ingredients like synthetic growth hormones. The supplement that I’m talking about is about as traditional as it gets and not only is it effective; it’s actually good for you!

The supplement I am talking about is desiccated liver. I take desiccated liver pills throughout the day just as traditional body builders did years before me. In fact, traditional body builders used to take up to 50 desiccated liver pills per day! I find that I take 10-15 capsules a day, and even that might be excessive.

You are probably wondering why I love desiccated liver so much. Well, let me explain. Desiccated liver supplements, when made the correct way, contain all of the same nutrients found within fresh, raw, beef liver. This means that desiccated liver supplements are a clean source of both protein and valuable amino acids. Think of amino acids as the building blocks of protein, and think of protein as the building blocks to muscle. Protein and amino acids are necessary for proper muscle growth and development, as well for preventing muscle soreness and improving recovery time.

Desiccated liver also contains B vitamins which work to increase energy down to the cellular level. Since starting to take desiccated liver, I’ve noticed that I can lift heavier for longer periods of time before reaching exhaustion. This may be because desiccated liver is a superstar at boosting both energy and endurance making it my all time favorite weight lifting supplement. You can learn more about desiccated liver supplements at